To Stink or not to Stink? What to do after a “Sweat Sesh”

There are few things that make me feel more accomplished than finishing a mentally and physically grueling workout.

I may have hated myself for waking up early or pushing myself to get that lift or run finished in place of a beloved nap, but I can’t remember not feeling satisfied after getting my heart rate up. That is, I feel great until I realize I only have 10 minutes to get from my sweaty gym state to “I’m going out Downtown to a five-star restaurant” state.

I’m sure you can relate to some degree. Church, family functions, a date, even rushing to the grocery store after a workout, all require some amount of effort for you to clean up after gym time. Yes, you may be one who thinks, “Accept me for my post workout appearance.” That’s great. But just know that no one else wants to smell you post-workout.

Below, I share some of my personal favorites for freshening up after a sweat session!

1. Clothes.

Duh, this might seem like a no brainer, but believe me, there have been multiple times that I rush out the door forgetting an extra pair of clothes to don after a sweat sesh (including undergarments…If I got a dollar for every time I forgot a bra, I’d be rich).

If you take your outfit and roll it together, I found it takes up less space in my gym bag and helps prevents wrinkles. Also, since I don’t mind taking up a little extra space in my gym bag, I also keep a top, bottoms and a sports bra so if I forget to lay my clothes out the night before, I’m not completely SOL.

2. Baby Wipes.

Or makeup remover wipes. Really any wipes: if you find yourself in the situation where you don’t have time to shower, baby wipes are a life-saver. This is a quick, efficient way to cleanse the nasty sweat off you and get a fresh smell- if you want just the clean feel, baby wipes are cheap and scentless. Feeling like you need a little more…help… cleaning up after? I tend to go for the Burt’s Bees cucumber or grapefruit wipes. The smell is not overpowering but subtle enough to give you a fresh scent. The main purpose of these wipes are to be used as makeup removers, but hey, these babies are versatile!

3. Dry Shampoo/Hair Oil.

Ladies, this is mostly for you (but fellas, any of you with a lot of flow, pay attention). My hair is curly, so it naturally tends to dry out instead of getting excess oil. I usually don’t need dry shampoo, but if I notice my bangs looking a little oily after a workout, I give it just a small spritz of the stuff. You can get small bottles (travel size), and a little goes a long way; no need to completely douse your hair. .

To avoid the dry shampoo residue that can potentially settle on the top of your hair, flip your head over and spray the it right beneath your roots, then use your finger tips to massage it through the rest of your hair. If you’re more inclined to have dry hair (like me) and require more rehydration (especially those stubborn ends of hair), I use a little bottle of coconut oil mist by OGX. It’s travel size, smells fabulous, and gives my hair a soft, glossy feel after being in a braid or bun (OGX also has multiple other oils that come in the same, compact size, depending on your specific hair rehydration needs).

4. Deodorant.

Again, another seemingly no-brainer, but the one day you forget your deodorant, you will want to hide in the closet. I may be a little paranoid about forgetting deodorant; you can tell because if you go through my gym bag I have about three different types just chilling in there. Not saying you need three, but if you find yourself consistently forgetting this needed hygiene item (or if you’re paranoid like me), I keep a travel size deodorant handy.

I prefer Degree’s Black and White deodorant. I personally love this brand because you don’t see the dreaded white deodorant smudge on your shirts when you wear black tops and it’s yellow-stain resistant on white shirts. It’s a win-win!


Depending on the occasion there is always more or less that can be added to this list. In my own life, I found that these items to be a quick, solid staple for feeling fresh (and looking fresh) after a workout.

Happy exercising, EVERYletes!

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